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Reflect, and Go Shine!

The spirit in you is everything. It fights with a ferocity that even you can't fully understand. It battles light and dark the same, attached to ego, to sensitivity, to past and ambitions. Your spirit is made up of you, and it takes exercise to strengthen. You have to push it in a state of awareness, not one just subdued and "busy", preoccupied with everything else life throws at us. There's no way to practice a healthiness in our spirits and efforts if we're blinding and deafening ourselves with things that defeat our hearts. Elle and I were just talking about sad songs and media and how easy it is to fall prey to them without a second thought, immediately...

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Book Lovers Live Longer

According to scientists, book worms as many of us like to call them live longer.  Thats is according to the recent study at Yale. A recent study by Yale University researchers, published online in the journal Social Science & Medicine, concluded that “book readers experienced a 20 percent reduction in risk of mortality over the 12 years of follow-up compared to non-book readers.” via The Washington Post  

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Beat The Texas Heat

Yes, i know its hot here in Texas, so we have to do everything we can to stay hydrated! Check out this recipe from our friends at Bastrop's newest dowtown market shop Italian Cowboy on Main Street. Refreshing and delicious, OH MY!!! We are excited to welcome them to the Bastrop Family! #HISTORICALLYHIP

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