Spice up your holidays!


One thing are friends know is food and a good cocktail! 

Both of those include a bad ass bloody Mary! Combining a meal and a drink is the ultimate combo. 

Checkout our friend Liz Watkins Bloody Mary recipe, and let us know if you like or love it! Those are your only options!

Bottoms Up!! 

Happy Drinksgiving!

Liz's Bloody Mary Shot w/Shrimp Appetizer

Matteo's Bloody Mary Mix
Liter of Tito's or More
1/2 a cup of Fresh Lime Juice
1/2 a cup of Olive Juice
Mix Well & Chill
Mix Celery Salt, Lemon Pepper and Cumin for Rim
Dip in Fresh Lime Juice & Rim Shot Glass
Add Shrimp with Garnish & Shake of Tabasco

Happy Holidays

- Dapper Deer 


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